A list of resources to address new issues faced at developmental milestones


All Age Groups

Center for Disease Control Spina Bifida Information Page

Center for Spina Bifida at CCHMC Clinic Contact List

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Family Resource Center 

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Jack Rubinstein Library 

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Special Needs Resource Directory 

Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at CCHMC – Educational Sessions

Guidelines for the Care of People with Spina Bifida- SBA

Guidelines for People with Spina Bifida by Age – SBA

Know Your Rights – ACLU

Living with Spina Bifida Bowel and Bladder Management – Coloplast

Qualifying for Developmental Disabilities Services – Hamilton County

Shunt Complications and Risks – Hydrocephalus Association

Latex List – SBA

University of Cincinnati Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities


Developmental Disabilities Services Early Intervention – Hamilton County

Developmental Milestones Tracker – CDC Learn the Signs, Act Early

Indiana First Steps – Early Intervention

Kentucky First Steps – Early Intervention

Living with Spina Bifida – Infants – CDC

Ohio Early Intervention



Cincinnati PARENT Magazine – Special Needs Directory 

Living with Spina Bifida – Toddlers and Preschoolers – CDC

Right Under My Nose – a book and activities for children with spina bifida

School Age

A Guide for School Personnel – Kennedy Krieger Institute

Advocating for Yourself – Wrightslaw

ADDitude – Could My Child Have ADHD?

Beyond Crayons – Information Packet for School

Bullying –

Educational Issues Among Children with Spina Bifida – SBA

Living with Spina Bifida – School-Aged – CDC

Millie Goes to Camp – Hollister

Millie’s Swimming Success – Hollister

Adolescents and Teens

Got Transition

Living with Spina Bifida – Adolescents and Teens – CDC

Physical Fitness – NCHPAD


Depression and Anxiety – SBA

Health Care for Women – SBA

Living with Spina Bifida – Adults – CDC

Obesity – SBA