Inclusion in greater community opportunities and events is critical to a healthy social life. But it can also be important to connect with people who share common concerns, to support each other and not feel alone in your Spina Bifida journey. To this end, the Spina Bifida Coalition of Cincinnati plans a variety of programs that bring together people with Spina Bifida and their families.

Family Support Group

The Family Support Group meets at various times and locations around the city. Parents gather to share information, experiences and support in an informal setting. The group sometimes invites an adult with Spina Bifida, parent of an older child, or medical or product specialist to join the conversation. If you would like to join this group, please contact the office at 513-923-1378 or email

Empowerment Camp at Camp Joy

The Spina Bifida empowerment camp at Camp Joy is an opportunity for people with Spina Bifida ages 10 – 20 to practice independence in a fully-accessible camp environment. Individual assistance is provided by the on-site nurse and counselors, as needed for each camper. Go to the Event page for more details and to register for this year’s Empowerment Camp.

Adult Socials

SBCC plans social events for adults with Spina Bifida, as occasions present themselves. Dinners and sporting events have been popular in the past. But, we are always open to your suggestions for future fun. If you have an interest in attending a specific event, or have a connection to someone with an accessible venue, let us know, and we will work to get a new social on the calendar.

Kids Fly with the Greater Cincinnati Radio Control Club

Each summer, the Greater Cincinnati Radio Control Club hosts a picnic lunch for SBCC at their airfield in Trenton, OH. Club members showcase their planes with a spectacular demonstration of their flying skills, followed by the chance for us to act as co-pilot. Don’t be fooled by the name, this event is open to “kids” of all ages. Check the events page to find details on this year’s picnic.

Holiday Celebrations

Plan to kick off the holidays with the Spina Bifida Coalition of Cincinnati. Each year we plan parties to celebrate the Spring and Winter Holidays. The Spring Family Breakfast is for children 10 and under, along with their families. An accessible easter egg hunt, seasonal crafts and yummy breakfast treats make this celebration extra special. We also host a party in December for all members of the family. A casual lunch, holiday desserts, and crafts are enjoyed by all who attend. The party culminates in a visit from jolly old St. Nick and his lovely wife, who bring gifts and pose for family pictures. Make sure to register for these wonderful events.

SB Faceboook Groups

Facebook provides the perfect meeting place for local people with Spina Bifida and their families to post questions, share resources, and ask for prayers and support, without the hassle of coordinating schedules, hiring baby sitters and finding transportation. SBCC hosts and monitors 2 private Facebook groups, open by invitation only. One group is comprised of parents, close family members, and people living with Spina Bifida and the other is only for adults with Spina Bifida. These groups are limited to people living in our service area, to keep the communities safe and personal. Please contact us if you would like to be added to one of these 2 groups.